Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wordful Wednesday

Okay okay I know I'm supposed to do a wordless Wednesday, but I have had so much go on that I can't even explain. Since I last posted I had a play date with Mina. She is a husky/rottie mix, and is awesome. We got to play on Thursday and Sunday! Our moms were working on convention so they came over. The big event was when I ran over Mina's mommies lab and then Mina followed by jumping over her mom. She was super doggie!
I have also found the first teenager I like. Her name is Shae and I LUV HER! She is not like other kids. She ignored me at first, so I knew she was smart. She also wasn't afraid of me. She won my heart when she covered me with a blanket and gave me treats.
Well Mommy is going away tomorrow so I won't be able to update since I will be having too much fun at grandmas. Mom is worried I'm going to get too spoiled. Grandma told her not to worry, but she doesn't know that Grandma lets me lick out the tuna cans when she's done with them. Grandma says it's a dachshunds duty to lick out a tune can. :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Possum and the Doxie

My Grandma and Grandpa are in North Caronline visiting Hershel and Evie, so I have to stay by myself this week. When Mom came home yesterday she let me right outside. It had been raining most of the day so I was glad to get to run about. Well what Mom didn't know was a possum had movied into our upper yard to get out of rain water. I was yelling for mom and barking and growling, but mom thought it was just my normal "omg there's a leaf". Then I let out a long howl and mom came running. She must have thought it was dead because she yelled at me to get away from the lump of fur. I followed Mom inside because she promised treats. An hour or so later, Mom looked out the big window to the backyard, sighed and picked up two trashbags. I tried to tell her it wasn't dead, She wouldn't listen. She did however decided to poke it with a stick just to be sure. After the third poke, when the possum flipped around and hissed at her, she ran like a little girl screaming. I followed, hoping for more treats.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hello All

Hello All. I am Rufus. This is my first blog so let me tell you a little about myself. I am the tenth dachshund in the Hamilton line, however I am the first boy. I think that's why I am so spoiled (Hershel came a year later, and is just as spoiled!). All the pups before me were Hedi, Amy, Hilda Mae, Stacie, Tootsie, Paula, Molly, Stella and Trudy. I live with my mom in what she calls the Club House, because it used to belong to her grandma. Mom told me how all the other dachshunds of the past have run these same halls. Some times I even find some of Molly's old toys. During the day while mom is at work, I go to Grandma's, where I play all day. The summer is my favorite time of year because Grandpa is off work. I love Grandma and Grandpa the same, but it's nice to have some Grandpa and Me time. I have two cousins, Hershel and Evie (both Dachshunds wouldn't you know) but they live in North Carolina with Uncle Nate and Aunt Leslie.
The last time they came to Indy they stayed with me! I couldn't believe it. Uncle Nate and Aunt Leslie had to go to some friend functions which meant I got to play with Hershel and Evie for 48 hours. It was awesome. I even woke mom up both mornings at 7am so I could play. On the second morning I was surprised to find Hershel waiting outside the door. That seemed to make mom less grumpy. Boy, Does she get grumpy in the morning! Well I need to go. Mom wants to use the computer to work on some convention stuff. Oh did I tell you. My mom helps out with the convention InConJunction. She's even treasurer this year! I'm so proud of her, but it means that I get to stay with grandma for four nights in July. Even Grandpa is going this year. I don't think I would like it very much. Children scare me. They move too fast. Well I will try to make sure I keep you to up to date.

This picture is of Evie, Stella (my mom's Aunt Nancy's dachshund. She doesn't like me very much), Hershel and me. Aunt Leslie and Great Uncle Don are great photographers. Evie is the tiny dachshund on the far left. Hershel is the tallest daschshund on the far right. Can you tell he only has three legs? Stella is the red dashund on the middle right , and I am the one on the middle left. I am not that large, I only weight at most 12 pounds, which tells you how tiny the two girls are.

This is just my cousins and me. I love them!

Hershel only has three legs, but it doesn't slow him down. When He and I play sometimes he out runs me. Evie is the fastest of us all, but she doesn't play as much as we do.