Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wordful Wednesday

Okay okay I know I'm supposed to do a wordless Wednesday, but I have had so much go on that I can't even explain. Since I last posted I had a play date with Mina. She is a husky/rottie mix, and is awesome. We got to play on Thursday and Sunday! Our moms were working on convention so they came over. The big event was when I ran over Mina's mommies lab and then Mina followed by jumping over her mom. She was super doggie!
I have also found the first teenager I like. Her name is Shae and I LUV HER! She is not like other kids. She ignored me at first, so I knew she was smart. She also wasn't afraid of me. She won my heart when she covered me with a blanket and gave me treats.
Well Mommy is going away tomorrow so I won't be able to update since I will be having too much fun at grandmas. Mom is worried I'm going to get too spoiled. Grandma told her not to worry, but she doesn't know that Grandma lets me lick out the tuna cans when she's done with them. Grandma says it's a dachshunds duty to lick out a tune can. :)

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